Buy Coupons to Support Youth

Starting now, anyone can support youth by offsetting the cost of registration for YQCA by purchasing one-time use coupon codes.

The YQCA system offers the ability for anyone to purchase coupon codes that can be applied to YQCA registration expenses. A few details about the coupons:

  • Codes do not expire; treat them like cash
  • Each code is unique and once used it cannot be used again
  • $12 web-based training or $3 instructor-led training coupons may be purchased
    • Youth attending an in-person workshop will incur a fee of $3
    • Youth completing the online program will incur a fee of $12
  • Whoever purchases the coupon codes is responsible for distributing them to designated users; YQCA cannot be held liable for misuse or loss of coupon codes

Here a couple of suggestions on how to utilize coupon codes:

  • Find sponsor(s) interested in supporting youth livestock projects and have them help offset all or some of the cost of YQCA for youth in a club, a county, or the entire state
  • Use coupon codes for families that do not want to use credit cards for online purchases. Find another family or adult that will accept payment from this family and will purchase coupon codes to use for youth registration.

Email for a coupon order form or download it here.